The Movie with the Most Ideologially Principled Screenwriting Ever…

Yes, it’s here.  The Atlas Shrugged movie is coming out on April 15, 2011 (Tax Day).  The first trailer has just come out, and the setting is modern day leaning a tiny bit into the future.  The characters are more or less how I depicted them, and the scenes seem to have a good balance of action and dialogue.  The dialogue, however, will be very tricky.  It will be an interesting challenge for the director to figure out how to balance Ayn Rand’s high and mighty words with modern America culture.  The movie is part of a trilogy, with one movie for each section of the book.  You can find the trailer here and a full review of the extended trailer here.

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  1. Sam:

    SO that’s more right wing propoganda – anyway, it’ll be hero’s journey (see ).