Ubiquitous Surveillance

Your cellphone.  Small, handy, and practically necessary in your day-to-day life, this useful device is the technological friend of millions. But did you know that you favorite little gadget can be tracked by the government?  According to the ACLU in this article, Sprint Nexel provided law enforcement agencies with the location of their customers over 8 million times using the GPS chip in their cellphone.  Fortunately, the ACLU is pushing hard for privacy legislation to help protect Americans from the prying hands of an overbearing government.  Only time will tell if Americans will be able to feel secure in having and accessing their cellphones on a daily basis.

One Comment

  1. Grandma Meyer:

    Teenagers should worry less about the government tracking and more about their parents and caretakers tracking them. I have a feeling that their punishment can be more severe.