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Penn & Teller = Awesome

Just saw the libertarian magicians Penn and Teller at the Rio in Las Vegas and they were excellent in more ways than one.  In terms of libertarianism, they touched upon the Bill of Rights, the overbearing role of the government, TSA scanners, and religious extremists.  They were also healthily skeptical and educated the audiences about some of the crocks of the “magic” industry.  And even as they debunked a lot of “magic”, their own magic tricks stumped and wowed everyone in the audience.  Items found in their tricks were (but definitely not limited to): fish, guns, flowers, thread, and a huge buzz saw.  So in honor of their wit, skill, and talent for entertaining, I have left everyone with one of the best Penn & Teller videos of all time that encompasses all of their general  quirky greatness.  The video can be found here.

My Little Serenity

The semi-libertarian, semi-cowboy, all awesome show Firefly (unfortunately cancelled by Fox) and its subsequent movie, Serenity, are one of my favorite works of television/film of all time and I just could not pass up sharing this brilliant piece of work with everyone.  Someone actually combined My Little Pony and Firefly/Serenity into a video “trailer”.  And it works.  Beautifully.  Never in my life did I believe that those lovable, rainbow cartoon ponies could be so incredibly cool.  Here is the video of the legendary mix, courtesy of


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